Thursday, July 25, 2013

How To Remove or Hide Blogger Navbar From Your Blog 2013

The first time when we signup and start our blog, the blogger provides us with basic default layouts and settings for our blog. For the person, who started blogging the layout may looks cool with all the handy features in it. But, as your blogging skills increases you start to get annoyed by the "Navbar" provided by blogger(as default).

The Navbar diminishes the professional look of your blog, yet being handy when it comes to provide you with Logging into your blog, publishing your posts, customizing your site.

To keep it or remove depends on one's own perspective.

In the following steps we will be going to see "How To Remove or Hide Blogger Navbar From Your Blog"- And, it is too easy to do.

    Step 1: Go to Blogger Dashboard 

    Step 2: Go to Layout-> Click Navbar -> Edit

    Step 3: From the shown list of options select "off" option. 

    Step 4: Click Save. And you're done. 

Now visit the blog and the Navbar has been removed from your blog.

So, do you think Navbar is useful or it is just a useless gadget. Please, share your valuable views and comment below.

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